Saturday, 19 October 2013

1672, Two Discourses Concerning the Soul of Brutes... The first is Physiological... The other is Pathological..., Francis Willis.

Of Madness.

The Curatory Indication

The first indication, vis. Curatory, requires threatenings, bonds, or strokes, as well as Physick. For the Mad-man being placed in a House for the business, must be so handled both by the Physican, and also by the Servants that are prudent, that he may be in some manner kept in, either by warnings, chidings, or punishments inflicted upon him, to his duty, or his behaviour, or manners. And indeed for the curing of Mad people, there is nothing more effectual or necessary than their reverence or standing in awe of such as they think their Tormentors. For by this means, the Corporeal Soul being in some measure depressed and restrained, is compell'd to remit its pride and fierceness; and so afterwards by degrees grows more mild, and returns in order: Wherefore, Furious Mad-men are sooner, and more certainly cured by punishments, and hard usuage, in a strait room, than by Physick or Medicines.

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